NYS DSRIP Webinar: Taking the Next Steps Toward a Value-Based Payment Model



NYS DSRIP Webinar: Taking the Next Steps Toward a Value-Based Payment Model

Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 12:00PM – 1:00 PM (PST)





Raj Lakhanpal, MD, FRCS, FACEP
Chief Executive Officer, SpectraMedix
Marc Bryant
Director of Sales, SpectraMedix

In DSRIP Year 3, 45% of incentives are based on performance. In DSRIP Years 4 and 5, incentive payments increase to 65% and 85%, respectively.

This webinar will review the tools and expertise needed to meet rising DSRIP expectations, and how the SpectraMedix DSRIP Solution, which is being utilized by four Performing Provider Systems (PPS), enables PPSs and their partners to achieve tougher DSRIP performance goals with an all-in-one data, IT and reporting solution.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding how pay for performance measures translate to payments
  • Diverse IT capabilities needed to aggregate and analyze data
  • Targeting and managing super utilizers to improve care delivery
  • Advanced IT support needed for stricter DSRIP project measures
  • Increasing data integration with RHIOs
  • Utilizing population health metrics to manage DSRIP populations
  • Utilizing chronic disease and high-risk patient registries for DSRIP population management


For more information, contact Marc Bryant at (609) 336-7733 x313 or marc.bryant@spectramedix.com


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