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East Windsor, NJ — August 13, 2015 SpectraMedix is pleased to announce that SpectraMedix and SAE & Associates have joined forces to provide healthcare organizations participating in the NYS DSRIP Program with integrated solutions that enable them to achieve clinical outcome and population-focused improvements consistent with their DSRIP project goals, and to ensure that agencies take full advantage of their value-based payment opportunities.

Our DSRIP-compatible solutions target your specific requirements for data management and outcome measurement, program development, and population-specific clinical and integrated care interventions. We combine SpectraMedix’s state-of-the-art data integration, predictive analytics and quality measure technology with SAE’s operational expertise in behavioral health to implement forward-thinking approaches to the challenges of the emerging managed care environment.

In alignment with the current emphasis on population health management, our team will employ predictive analytics to identify and address high-risk patients and populations, chronic disease populations and gaps in care.  In addition, we can utilize SAE’s behavioral health Solution Tools and proven community care strategies to develop, for example, community “hot spots” analyses, data metric analyses of embedded Neighborhood Care Teams (NCT) and peer advocates’ performances to identify and address areas where community service utilization can be optimized and costs reduced. We recognize that peer advocates work closely with patients and are knowledgeable about health literacy and its positive impact on patient engagement, activation, and treatment retention and adherence. Furthermore, embedded NCTs can be an effective solution tool to reduce excessive ER presentations, admissions and readmissions from identified high-risk neighborhoods. Both may work with the patient throughout his/her course of treatment from pre-release from inpatient care to his/her full course of community-based care, whether medical or behavioral in nature.

Recognizing the critical importance of care coordination in this dramatic and fast-changing behavioral health environment, our team also has the ability to facilitate effective care coordination by utilizing real time clinical data to tailor care coordination efforts to specific population sub-sets and high-risk patients. We provide operational care management solution tools to strengthen care intervention and to connect primary care with medical specialties and behavioral health. This effort is further enhanced by our capacity to offer a series of training modules on care coordination and integrated care keyed to findings and issues derived from real time clinical data regarding care coordination.

SpectraMedix and SAE & Associates collaboratively offer intelligently designed, customized clinical reporting tools that embrace both medical and behavioral health measures and targeted operational solutions to fit requirements of data management and population-focused improvement goals. Our team’s integrated solutions are designed to reduce system-wide preventable acute care risks and avoidable admissions, using data analytics to provide clinical decision supports for patient integrated self-management protocols and wellness goals at various levels of engagement and care. Together, SpectraMedix and SAE & Associates will use our combined assets, technical and operational, to help your organization prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and reduce hospital admissions, readmissions, and emergency room visits in general.

About SpectraMedix

SpectraMedix’s state of the art solutions enable hospitals and ambulatory care providers to improve performance and outcomes while transitioning to pay for performance and risk-based payment models. The SpectraMedix 360 platform for clinical data collection and aggregation, quality measure compliance, real-time data visualization and predictive modeling provides a suite of products that includes eMeasures360 for quality measures calculation and reporting, and identifying gaps in care; PredictiveCare360 for facilitating risk-based initiatives that leverage real-time data at the individual patient and population levels; and AccountableCare360 for collecting, analyzing, sharing and reporting data for the ACO measure set. SpectraMedix is also a leader in the integration, transformation and utilization of healthcare data for client specific applications and initiatives, and to create opportunities for performance improvement.

About SAE & Associates

SAE’s mission is to improve service delivery for vulnerable populations. We do this by promoting operational access to high quality, cost-effective, and barrier-free behavioral health and human services. Founded as a grant writing firm in 2003, SAE & Associates has evolved into a full service behavioral health consulting firm working with an array of entities — from governmental agencies to nonprofit behavioral service providers and community based organizations with strong ties to local at-risk populations of focus. Our core services are: (1) Strategic  Planning, program development, and change management; (2) SAE Behavioral Health Evaluation Services, DBA; (3) SAE’s Grant Writing Services; (4) SAE’s Behavioral Health Evaluation Services, DBA, to include both Mental Health and Addiction Parity Compliance monitoring and case record reviews of medical necessity appropriateness; (5) Population Health Management strategies for a fast changing behavioral health environment; and (6) the Special Projects Division addressing Health Literacy, trauma-informed care in the criminal justice  system, and Human Trafficking. To date, SAE has secured over $200 million in grant awards for our clients. In response to the current focus on addressing the needs of public sector behavioral health clients, SAE has developed expertise as the operational Population Health Management problem solver, offering a variety of Solution Tools, and the experience of implementing Evidence-based and innovative Promising Practices.  SAE helps organizations and treatment networks prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and to reduce hospital admissions, readmissions, and emergency room visits.

For further information about SpectraMedix and SAE & Associates integrated behavioral health solutions please contact:

Nathan Brown
609-336-7733 x308

SAE & Associates
Susan Liebold. COO

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