HIMSS 2017’s Most Discussed Topic: Data Aggregation & Healthcare Technology Integration

HIMSS 2017’s Most Discussed Topic: Data Aggregation & Healthcare Technology Integration


Data aggregation and healthcare technology integration dominated the conversation at HIMSS 2017 among both the attendees and the presenters.  Although many sessions focused on other topics, speakers were often steered into discussing health tech integration and data utilization.

The findings during HIMSS 2017 show that, although providers are committed to value-based healthcare, many hospital CIOs and CMOs acknowledge that their current systems are not prepared to handle the shift to value-based payment models.

In particular, existing hospital technologies often do not have the capability to aggregate the vast amounts of disparate data (from varied locations and systems) required for reporting.

In recent news, “Accenture researchers project that healthcare organizations can save a collective $60 billion by making strategic investments in digital technologies.” These technologies, whether provided by an EHR system or a separate vendor, allow organizations to extract the information needed to both accurately report for pay-for-performance programs and improve overall quality and performance.

Specific examples include using actionable analytics to proactively manage population health and value-based care initiatives and the ability to share this information among all participating entities.

The SpectraMedix eMeasures360™ Platform has the capability and flexibility to integrate with multiple, disparate systems to seamlessly aggregate data. The platform is optimized to gather, structure and analyze large amounts of data.

This data feeds downstream measures reporting, hospital analytics and operational improvement solutions which deliver critical insights for health systems, provider organizations and payers to utilize in implementing both standard and unique value-based care initiatives.

Jocelyn Wallace
Jocelyn Wallace is a Digital Marketing Specialist with SpectraMedix. SpectraMedix partners with health systems, hospitals, provider organizations and payers to support their transition to value-based care and risk-based payment models. Our flexible Platform enables clients to implement key pay for performance initiatives including MIPS, Medicaid reform programs, eCQMs, financial risk models and bundled payments. Jocelyn’s interests are covering Healthcare Technology and making sense of the digital world to healthcare professionals. You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @SpectraMedix.

HIMSS 2017’s Most Discussed Topic: Data Aggregation & Healthcare Technology Integration

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