Maximize contract negotiations, performance, and profits.

The SpectraMedix VBP Contract Navigator enables ACOs and other large, risk-bearing provider entities such as IPAs and IDNs to evaluate and negotiate a variety of value-based payment (VBP) contracts across payers. It then empowers these organizations to manage the value levers that have the biggest impact on performance and reconcile settlements with payers and providers.

It does this though an analytics-driven VBP contracting solution that addresses the key cost, utilization, financial, and quality domains that impact contract terms and performance. 

Achieve Your Contracting Goals

For ACOs and other risk-bearing provider organizations, the SpectraMedix VBP Contract Navigator provides a collaborative solution for achieving your primary objectives as you facilitate VBP contracts.

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Improve Performance

Operationalize contract terms across cost, utilization, financial, and quality disciplines and target the core performance improvement initiatives with the highest impact.

Optimize Your Network

Model prospective provider groups and evaluate their historical performance against your organizational benchmarks. Expand your network with providers that map to your contractual performance agreements with payers.

Realize an ROI

Develop and implement contracts that position your organization and its providers for a return on investment, and manage key areas the impact your bottom line. 


The SpectraMedix VBP Contract Navigator for ACOs simplifies the entire contracting process across payers with tools to:


performance scoring methodologies, risk assumption options, and other contract agreements across multiple payers and lines of business.


multiple payer contracts strategically and effectively drawing from a range of insights pulled from different contract modeling scenarios.


the value levers that have the biggest impact on provider performance and return on investment across all your agreements.


contracts quarterly to course correct as needed and perform a final reconciliation against budget to settle the contract and facilitate payments to providers. 

Key Features

Flexible Market Definitions

For defining contract terms including line of business, product line, and geography.

Custom Attribution Models

Build custom attribution models that combine both plurality-based algorithms and voluntary alignment.

Quality Measures Library

Utilize a built-in library of clinical quality measures with national benchmarks (HEDIS, MIPS, eCQMs) that enable ACOs to select appropriate measures for their network. 

High-Performance Network Creation

Create high-performance networks, including determining a common measure set, quality benchmarks, cost benchmarks, and anchoring them to VBP contracts.

Actionable VBP Analytics

Utilize standard and customized analytics to recognize and operationalize performance improvement opportunities within contract parameters.

Address Value Levers

Identify, pull, and manage the key value levers that are impacting provider performance and contractual revenue.

Model Execution and Payout

The VBP Contract Navigator is highly configurable and enables the ACO to reconcile against the budget, and facilitate payments within the provider network.

User-Defined Contract Terms

Base your contracts on the terms that matter most, including alternative budget methodologies, stop-loss limits, shared savings-loss corridors, and quality scoring.

Ready to upgrade your VBP Contracting efforts?