Customized DSRIP Solution


Achieve Your DSRIP Goals with a Solution Tailored to Your Requirements

SpectraMedix enables healthcare organizations to achieve the clinical and financial goals of their unique DSRIP programs with a customized solution that integrates information technology, performance reporting and advanced data services.

We Understand Your Challenges and Will Deliver a Solution Customized to Your DSRIP Projects

Implementing a DSRIP Program is a complex process that poses technical and organizational challenges to Performing Provider Systems (PPSs), health systems and hospitals. Participants have different infrastructure and technology capabilities and use different IT platforms, making it difficult to share data and monitor outcomes. Many participants also do not have the IT resources and processes in place to leverage data for performance improvement purposes.

SpectraMedix has the expertise and technology to enable you to achieve the metrics and financial incentives of your DSRIP projects. We integrate advanced technology and services to provide a DSRIP solution targeted to your specific requirements around Data Management Infrastructure and to achieve Clinical Outcome and Population Focused Improvements.

Data Management Infrastructure. We will help you:
  • Implement a secure and flexible information sharing environment for a clinically integrated healthcare delivery system
  • Collect and consolidate claims data, clinical data, care management data, master datasets, benchmark data and other data elements into a patient-centered Enterprise Data Warehouse that provides a single source of information for DSRIP projects
Clinical Outcome and Cost Improvements. We will help you:
  • Analyze clinical and historical claims data to provide actionable information that supports the planning efforts of DSRIP committees and work streams
  • Calculate and report DSRIP specific and custom measures in near real-time for performance reporting and improvement
  • Improve delivery system utilization and costs with data analysis and visualization at the patient and provider levels
Population Focused Improvements. We will help you:
  • Employ predictive analytics to identify and address high-risk patients and populations, chronic disease populations and gaps in care to reduce preventable admissions, readmissions, and emergency department visits
  • Identify and address areas within a population where service utilization can be optimized and costs reduced using analytics for population distribution by zip code, registry, population risk profiles and population cost distribution
  • Facilitate effective care coordination and transitions with the ability to share information and integrate with care management solutions

Benefits of the SpectraMedix DSRIP Solution Customized to your DSRIP Project Requirements
  • Streamlined integration of disparate data sources in near real-time onto a unified Platform
  • A Comprehensive Healthcare Data Warehouse populated with:
    • Medicaid claims data
    • Member clinical data
    • Care management data
    • Master datasets, benchmark data and other required data
  • The ability to tailor care coordination education to total population, sub-sets of population and high risk patients utilizing clinical data
  • Greater visibility of data at discharge to assist with medication adherence for diabetes, mental health and high risk patients and general medicine
  • Performance management dashboards and data visualization tools customized with measures for selected DSRIP projects
  • The ability to generate data and reports on project metrics for state submission during performance reporting and incentive project periods
  • Integration with care management solutions to support care intervention and connect primary care with specialties such as behavioral health
  • Delivery of our Solution as an outsourced service on an annual subscription fee basis, thereby minimizing IT overhead

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your DSRIP program goals.

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