Data Integration & Analytics

Data Integration & Analytics

Advanced Data Integration and Management Services

Data is the foundation of all healthcare initiatives to improve quality and reduce costs. That is why SpectraMedix has become a leader in the collection and aggregation of electronic health data to measure, coordinate and optimize care across the complex landscape of health systems, hospitals, physician practices, individual providers, health information exchanges and patients.

Inpatient and outpatient data flows securely from across the continuum of care through the SpectraMedix360 Advanced Integration Framework into a centralized Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). The EDW provides a comprehensive patient and provider clinical data repository which feeds downstream applications including the SpectraMedix360 Real-Time Measures Framework and Predictive Analytics Engine or any number of client specific applications.

The quickly deployable SpectraMedix360 Advanced Integration Framework acquires data from hospital and ambulatory EHR systems, other clinical information systems and HIEs via standard HL7 (V2 and V3) formats, including real-time messaging (ADT, lab results, orders, etc.) and periodic data feeds of Continuity of Care (CCD) and Consolidated Clinical Documents (CCDA). In cases where data may not be available in an HL7 format, the Advanced Integration Framework uses EHR vendor-specific agents and application program interfaces (APIs) to continually extract, encrypt and securely transfer required EHR data.

Advanced Data Management

Agents are configured to collect data in near real-time utilizing client-specific run frequencies and schedules. An enterprise master patient index (EMPI) uses probabilistic and deterministic algorithms to identify, match, merge, de-duplicate and cleanse patient records to maintain an accurate, complete view of patient-specific information. If incoming data does not pass certain quality checks or match general and client-specific business rules, records are rejected and flow through a client feedback process which may result in new or revised rules and/or changes within client data sources. The Advanced Integration Framework also identifies missing data or gaps in required data, allowing quick resolution.

Data Extraction, Transformation, Integration Process SpectraMedix ETL Process

Enterprise Data Warehousing

The healthcare industry generates massive amounts of data. The SpectraMedix Enterprise Data Warehouse provides a flexible, integrated patient-centered data warehouse solution that consolidates large quantities of clinical and claims data into one location. It then transforms this data into a usable format, providing a single “source or truth” to populate our analytics and reporting solutions and the applications of our clients. The merging of clinical and claims data offers comprehensive, longitudinal views of patients and populations.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse accepts periodic data transfers and dynamic, real-time data feeds that enable concurrent predictive modeling and quality measures management. It supports all data sources from hospital and ambulatory care settings including EHR systems, billing, claims, lab, scheduling and other clinical systems. Data is normalized, cleansed and standardized into an actionable healthcare model to facilitate multiple quality improvement and pay-for-performance initiative programs.

Master Data Management

Good predictive models are dependent upon complete, clean data that has been validated for proper coding and other constraints. Our advanced master data management (MDM) capabilities solve all of the challenges associated with data standardization and coding. Our MDM tools check the validity of all codes against master code lists. When presented with unstructured or free text data, we use techniques such as semantic analysis to convert text into structured codified values that can be used for calculating measures and predictive algorithms.

“We encountered a number of data challenges as we implemented quality improvement programs. The flexibility of the SpectraMedix 360 Advanced Integration Framework and the expertise of the SpectraMedix integration team enabled us overcome our data acquisition issues and provide actionable solutions.”

Brian Dusheck, Manager of Financial Applications, CentraState Healthcare System

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