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NY DSRIP: The Capabilities Your PPS Needs to Achieve Your DSRIP Project Goals

This webinar will present a case study demonstrating how a New York PPS can achieve the goals of their delivery system transformation, clinical improvement and population-wide DSRIP projects by integrating an advanced technology and services solution that enables them to:

  Create a single source of truth for DSRIP projects by integrating various types of clinical, claims and other data into an Enterprise Data Warehouse

•  Identify and address opportunities to reduce costs and improve utilization with role-based Member and Provider views of cost, utilization and quality metrics on an ongoing basis

  Employ predictive analytics to identify and address high-risk patients and populations, chronic disease populations and gaps in care to reduce preventable admissions, readmissions and emergency department visits

  Improve performance results across delivery systems using advanced dashboards and reporting to achieve quality measures for the strategic projects selected by SI PPS

•  Identify and address opportunities to enhance care management and member engagement with population health intelligence including risk stratification

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Raj Lakhanpal, MD, FRCS, FACEP
Chief Executive Officer, SpectraMedix

Kenneth Atlee, FABC
Vice President, Product Development, SpectraMedix



SpectraMedix Solutions offers:

Advanced technology and services to provide a DSRIP solution targeted to your specific requirements around Data Management Infrastructure and to achieve Clinical Outcome and Population Focused Improvements.
Data Management Infrastructure. We will help you:
  • Implement a secure and flexible information sharing environment
  • Collect and consolidate data into a patient-centered Enterprise Data Warehouse
Clinical Outcome and Cost Improvements. We will help you:
  • Analyze clinical and historical claims data
  • Calculate and report DSRIP specific and custom measures in near real-time
  • Improve delivery system utilization and costs with data analysis and visualization
Population Focused Improvements. We will help you:
  • Predictive analytics aid in identifing and addressing high-risk patients and gaps in care
  • Service utilization can be optimized and costs reduced by identifing and addressing areas within a population
  • Facilitate effective care coordination and transitions


To learn more about SpectraMedix or our the solutions we offer, please contact us at 609-336-7733 or email us at info@SpectraMedix.com.
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