January 29, 2020 | 1:00 pm EST

Success in the Value-Based Payment (VBP) world is based on the assertion that it’s possible to provide higher quality care at a lower cost. In this new paradigm payers and providers win or lose together—and that requires an entirely new approach and mindset from all parties.

Payers must become success enablers. They need to arm their provider networks with a new level of integrated insight to proactively identify, intervene, and close the loop on the areas that most impact VBP cost and performance. Providers need the insights to proactively engage high-risk patients based on mutually-beneficial contract parameters, enact evidence-based interventions, and see the impact of their activities on their contractual performance areas.

In this webinar, SpectraMedix CEO Dr. Raj Lakhanpal and VP of Client Success Chris Bethell will provide a roadmap that health plans can use to chart their VBP journey. This webinar will show you how to:

  • Utilize quality improvement measures to keep care goals front and center
  • Address avoidable ER and inpatient utilization at the provider level to improve performance
  • Identify duplication, care gaps, network leakage, and readmission risk so that providers can intervene to improve quality and cost
  • Integrate clinically-validated interventions into clinician workflows
  • Use advanced analytics to foster better interventions and organizational performance
  • Better address high-risk populations to reduce fragmented care, duplicate testing, and other areas that drive up costs with little or no clinical benefit.

Meet the Presenters


Raj lakhanpal, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Spectramedix

Member, MITA Governance Board

Former Member of the HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Committee



Chris Bethell

Vice President of Client Success


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