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Hospital Solutions for Value-Based Care
and Population Health

As healthcare continues its transition from volume to value models, the ability to extract, utilize and measure information from data is essential. And your hospital’s EHR and other information technology systems may not be equipped to provide the data aggregation, analytics and reporting capabilities you need.

That’s where we come in. SpectraMedix serves as a trusted data and technology partner to your hospital. By providing timely, actionable insights and metrics from your data, we enable you to improve workflows, reduce costs, maximize revenues and proactively meet the requirements of value-based care. 

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    Solutions for:

    • eCQM reporting
    • Reducing avoidable hospital readmissions
    • Gaps in Care
    • Care Management dashboards
    • Custom Data visualizations
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Population Health

Care coordination relies on
knowing your attributed population
beyond their medical chart.

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Medicare & Medicaid

Tracking data across
multiple TINs and EHRs
is easier than you think.

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Accountable Care

SpectraMedix helps hospital groups and accountable care organizations
manage attributed population data
to maximize profitability.