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SpectraMedix PQRS Solution

Efficient, Accurate PQRS Reporting

PQRS reporting can be complex. Our one-stop PQRS Solution in the eMeasures360™ Platform offers eligible professionals (EPs) reporting individually or as a group the best chance to not only avoid PQRS penalties but gain Value-based Payment Modifier (VBPM) incentives.

We Guide You Through the Entire PQRS Reporting Process

Our ONC Certified EHR technology and integrated services support EPs through the entire PQRS reporting process, from determining your eligibility to choosing measures, selecting a submission option, consolidating your data, calculating measures and ensuring that you report satisfactorily to avoid penalties.

SpectraMedix End-to-End Physician Quality Reporting Process
SMX PQRS Process
Benefits of the SpectraMedix PQRS Solution
  • Data collection and consolidation at the TIN-level from all available sources including EHRs, claims and other practice management systems
  • A PQRS Readiness Assessment to assess data quality and availability against program requirements, including identifying data inconsistencies and/or gaps in data to provide the opportunity for data correction
  • PQRS reporting for hospital- and practice-based specialties with a Library of Measures:
    1. ONC 2014 Edition Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) for all 64 electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs)
    2. 150+ PQRS measures to satisfy PQRS registry reporting through a QCDR or Qualified Registry partner
  • The ability to satisfy PQRS and VBPM reporting and also the Meaningful Use electronic eCQM component with one submission, and recommendations for which eCQMs to submit to satisfy all three programs
  • Results submission to CMS
  • Ongoing quality management and performance improvement with Role-Based user interfaces for:
    • Analysts
      • Measure details by facility/hospital, program, and reporting period including aggregated measure results, drill-downs into specific measures, and patient details for measures to effectively monitor, manage and report measures
      • Analytics to help identify and close data and patient care gaps, and measure exception reports to understand reasons for measure exclusions
    • Executives
      • Analytics based on aggregated results by facility/hospital, program and reporting period, including performance benchmarks and trending analysis, to help leadership evaluate and take action to improve quality and performance
Our Qualified Reporting Methods

SpectraMedix is an ONC 2014 Edition Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) for all 64 eCQMs for reporting to CMS. Our comprehensive Measures Database also includes over 150 PQRS measures for reporting through a QCDR or Qualified Registry partner.

Reporting options for individual EPs in a practice, solo practice or hospital:

  • EHR
  • QCDR
  • Registry

Reporting options for reporting as a Group (GPRO):

  • Registry
  • EHR
  • GPRO Web Interface


Capture Data Once and Report To Many

Our process enables EPs to capture data one time and report to satisfy PQRS and VBPM requirements, and also Meaningful Use requirements using eCQMs. By implementing the eMeasures360™  PQRS Solution, EPs will be positioned to satisfy measure requirements for all three of these programs.

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PQRS Payment Adjustments

The PQRS Program changed from a voluntary incentive program to a mandatory reporting program with penalties. Many hospital-based providers (physicians and non-physicians) are considered EPs and are required to report for PQRS in 2015 or be subject to penalties.

  • EPs billing Medicare Part-B that do not report for PQRS are subject to a 2% Medicare payment reduction in 2017
  • EPs are subject to an additional Value-based Modifier Payment reduction:
    • 2% penalty in 2017 for EPs in Groups <10
    • 4% penalty in 2017 for EPs in Groups >10
Financial Impact For NOT Reporting PQRS in 2015



Who is Eligible for PQRS 2015 Reporting
1. Medicare Physicians
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  • Doctor of Optometry
  • Doctor of Oral Surgery
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
2. Practitioners
  • Physician Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioner*
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist*
  • Certified Registered Nurse
  • Anesthetist* (and Anesthesiologist Assistant)
  • Certified Nurse Midwife*
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Registered Dietician
  • Nutrition Professional
  • Audiologists
    *Includes Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
3. Therapists
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapiss
  • Qualified Speech-Language
  • Therapist
Get Started Today

To help EPs prepare for PQRS reporting, SpectraMedix provides a comprehensive PQRS Readiness Assessment to validate data, determine ability to calculate PQRS Measures, and help decide reporting option and submission methods.

You can get started today by completing our brief, no-cost Pre-Readiness Assessment. One completed, a SpectraMedix PQRS Expert will send you recommendations for next steps to successfully submit for PQRS in 2016 and avoid penalties.

Take the PQRS Pre-Readiness Assessment

Please call Jennifer Winn at 609-336-7733 Ext. 305 or email Jennifer.Winn@SpectraMedix.com.

SpectraMedix supports reporting for 169 PQRS Measures (for Individual EP and GPRO reporting) and 23 Measure Groups (for Individual EP reporting). A complete list of supported measures can be found here.

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