Real-Time Measures & At-Risk Patient Identification

Real-Time Measures & At-Risk Patient Identification

Our Core Competencies

SpectraMedix’s solutions enable hospitals and ambulatory care providers to improve performance and outcomes while transitioning from Fee-for-Service to Value- and Risk-Based Payment Models. Our solutions are powered by the following core competencies:

  1. Electronic collection and normalization of data from multiple, disparate sources for integration of all required data
  2. Data storage in our Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDR) providing a single source of truth for analytics and reporting
  3. An advanced Measures Framework that allows inpatient and outpatient providers to identify, calculate, track and submit standard measures and create custom measures
  4. Predictive modeling and analytics to identify at-risk patients in real-time so immediate action can be taken to improve care and measures performance
  5. Workflow integration across the continuum of care for the delivery of actionable information that enables immediate, quantifiable performance improvement

Your Solutions

The SpectraMedix 360 Platform

SpectraMedix 360 Platform Circle

These core competencies are the foundation of the industry leadingSpectraMedix 360 Platform, a suite of sophisticated applications that enable our customers to effectively execute existing quality improvement programs and implement new initiatives. The “out of the box” solutions in the SpectraMedix 360 product suite include:

eMeasures360™  lifts the burden of quality measures calculation and reporting off the shoulders of hospital and ambulatory care providers, and enables them to leverage measures information to improve quality of care, financial management and operational performance.

PopulationHealth360 positions SpectraMedix to execute standard and specialized risk-based initiatives at the individual patient and population levels, empowering providers to take immediate action to improve acute care and operational efficiencies.

AccountableCare360 collects all data needed for the ACO measure set and uses analysis and predictive systems to identify gaps in care as well as patients at risk. Hospitals, physician practices and payers are able to access, share and analyze this information and report results to CMS.

Data Integration and Management
SpectraMedix is a leader in the collection and aggregation of health data for measuring, coordinating and optimizing both quality of care and financial results across the complex healthcare landscape. It is this expertise in Advanced Data Integration, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Master Data Management that powers the solutions of SpectraMedix 360 and also client specific applications and initiatives.


All of our solutions and services can be tailored for your needs or we can create new capabilities to solve your unique challenges or requirements. We pursue these customized projects with our customers and are able to create opportunities for performance improvement from available data.

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