Building a strong relationship with your provider network is the cornerstone of a successful Value-Based Payment (VBP) program. Join:

  • Rama Thummalapalli, Manager, Value Based Care Programs at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
  • Mark A. Rucci, VBP Product Manager at SpectraMedix
  • Dr. Raj Lakhanpal, Founder and CEO of SpectraMedix

as they discuss how to better arm your provider network with actionable analytics that fuel improved outcomes at lower cost. In this session they will share the importance of:

  • Having powerful provider-facing analytics with actionable insights that drive payer/provider alignment and transparency
  • Adopting technologies that provide the flexibility and agility to address the unique needs of your organization and your provider network
  • Ensuring your rollout plans put a premium on data quality and alignment to your workflow and that of your provider network
  • Continued innovation to help you achieve your current VBP goals and support your future VBP endeavors into areas such as shared risk and capitation.

Meet the Presenters

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Rama Thummalapalli

Manager, Value Based Care Programs,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of Nebraska

Mark Rucci - Round

Marc Rucci

VBP Product Manager, SpectraMedix

Raj Lakhanpal - Round

Raj Lakhanpal, MD, FRCS, FACEP

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Spectramedix

Member, MITA Governance Board