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How Health Plans can Take Value-Based Payment from Contract to Practice in 5 Steps

We’ve all had great ideas that looked good on paper. But for our endeavors to truly come to fruition, they need to be...

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Tags: Value Based Payments, Health Plans

4 Steps to Transition to Prospective Payment Agreements

As value-based payment adoption continues to grow, prospective payment continues to emerge as a preferred and proven cost...

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Tags: Health Plans

How Coronavirus Will Impact Telehealth & the Future of Value Based Payment

As COVID-19 has spread across the globe, the U.S. has become the country with the highest number of confirmed cases. As...

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Tags: Value Based Payments, Health Plans, COVID 19

90’s Blunders: What You Can Learn for VBP Contracting Now

It’s been thirty years since the Clinton Administration attempted a sweeping healthcare system overhaul. To this day change in...

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Tags: MIPS, Value Based Payments, Health Plans

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