Are you planning more value-based arrangements with your providers/ACOs/IPAs in 2021?

You’re not alone.

Are you ready for it? If you’re like most of your peers, there’s still work to do.

With fall around the corner, the time to prepare for 2021 is right now. “Getting Ready for Value-Based Payments in 2021” presents three all too common use cases that will almost certainly impact you and your providers’ ability to reach your 2021 VBP goals. It will then provide recommendations on ways to better align goals, tailor contracts, and accelerate better performance with your providers.

In this information session we will look at:

  • Interactive reporting strategies for network performance and provider costs
  • Ways to use VBP analytics to support risk management, settlement reporting, attribution analysis, outlier reporting and leakage
  • Ways to help your providers identify care gaps earlier in the cycle, close them sooner, and improve performance.

Meet the Presenters

Chris Bethell - Round

Chris Bethell

Vice President of Client Success, SpectraMedix

Marc Bryant - Round

Marc Bryant

Head of Business Development, SpectraMedix