Timely and accurate financial reconciliation—for any type of contract, including shared savings, shared risk, capitation, MLR, and total cost of care—is a critical part of any value-based contracting process.

This webinar will first cover the lifecycle of a contract, including contact design and modeling, and then dive into five essential components of value-based contract reconciliation that all providers should adopt.

The webinar will show you how to:

  • Establish and manage monthly reconciliation with drill-downs to the practice and provider levels.
  • Create flexible models that reconcile various value-based payment scenarios.
  • Craft and implement financial and quality analytics tied to contract terms
  • Evolve your current processes to manage contract complexities which Excel (or other spreadsheet programs) cannot handle.
  • Use modeling and financial reconciliation to demonstrate to providers the benefits of taking on more risk.


Kashish Goyal

Director of Analytics,


Marc Bryant - Round Small

Marc Bryant

Head of Business Development,