Data is the foundation for success in value-based contracting. To make value-based contracts work, risk-bearing entities such as health systems, ACOs, IPAs, and IDNs need higher volumes of more diverse data. This presents a variety of new challenges associated with data acquisition, management, and access though—ultimately impacting stakeholders across risk-bearing entities in terms of their quality, financial, and operational performance, as well as their IT domain.

To realize the opportunities in value-based care, providers need to move toward an integrated data store that streamlines the complex process of integrating EHR, claims, SDOH, and other data from disparate source systems. This way the data to be utilized to support value-based contracting in cost-effective ways that are also optimized for analytics. In this webinar, we are going to help executives across risk-bearing provider entities with a stake in their organization’s contract development initiatives—and who may not be IT or data mavens but are still impacted by data challenges—understand:

• The vital link between data quality and success in value-based care.
• Processes for acquiring clinical data from different sources and integration with claims and other data.
• The three defining properties of big data—volume, velocity, and variety (the three Vs).
• How to navigate new value-based payment variables and requirements.

Ken New Round

Kenneth Atlee

Vice President, Information Technology and Security, SpectraMedix

Chris Bethell 2009 - round

Chris Bethell

Vice President, Customer Success, SpectraMedix