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Improve Outcomes in Targeted Member Groups.

What if you could assemble a group of members with specific conditions, assign an entire care team to them, and drive proactive interventions to deliver high-quality care?

You'd be using the SpectraMedix Cohort Manager.



Use the Cohort Builder to select variables to create a member population based on social needs, diagnosis(es), behavioral health, geo-mapping, and more.  Define and evaluate an unlimited number of cohort variations.


Build your care team around cohort members' needs. These days, VBP success requires addressing an attributed member's social needs, like transportation and housing.  Successful VBP plans use cohort management to go beyond the clinic.


Bring evidence-based care to a broader population.  Use cohort management to craft care plans with a scalable, cost-effective approach.  Track outcomes and select best practices for rapid cycle improvement of the cohort's performance.


Care Team Alignment

Your care teams work in concert to provide predictable evidence-based care across the cohort group.  Alignment is promoted by giving all care providers the same insightful analytics to make informed, cost-effective decisions. Each member of the team has a stake in improving health across the cohort.

Easy Cohort Creation

Cohort Manager lets you tailor your cohort requirements and create the ideal population of focus. It allows you to identify a static cohort with features of interest or dynamically add new members based on your specific requirements.

Utilization Efficiency

Cohort Manager helps you efficiently link members to the appropriate intervention. Knowledge derived from cohort manager analytics helps you proactively address conditions that may result in unnecessary hospitalizations. Shine a light on intervention opportunities and track their performance and impact.


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Cohort Manager Overview

Want to find out more about Cohort Manager? Simply click below to review the SpectraMedix Cohort Manager product overview and get all the details.

Product Overview

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