Empower health plans and providers to easily assess, improve, and manage their VBP program.


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SpectraMedix VBP Analytics give health plans and providers the insights they need to execute intricate value-based arrangements, delivering an end-to-end suite of easily configurable performance improvement analytics to effectively analyze, identify, design, and evaluate a wide range of VBP contracts. 

Manage your organization’s utilization, unit cost, risk adjustment, and clinical quality performance to improve overall performance and outcomes. 

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Value-Based Payment Insights

Empower providers to address complex VBP challenges with targeted, actionable analytics.

Oversee Various Payment Models

Customize reporting for multiple payment models including P4Q, shared savings/risk, total cost of care, and STAR ratings.

Versatile Reporting

Ability to drill down in analytics reports by line of business, value-based contract, ACO, TIN, practice level, individual provider, and member.

Cost Driver Identification

Identify utilization, unit cost, and financial KPIs in different VBP arrangements.

Advanced Benchmarking

Benchmark for quality (NCQA, CMS), risk models, andfinancial variables including cost/utilization, total cost of care, MLR, and stop-loss for medical, drug, and non-claims expenses.

Measure Practice and Provider Performance

Compare practice and provider performance against quality, cost, utilization, and risk dimensions of VBP contracts.

Reduced Cost of Care

Improve collaboration to address avoidable ER
and inpatient utilization to lower costs and improve outcomes.

Higher Quality Care 

Analytics to help PCPs identify duplication, care gaps, network leakage, and readmission risk to
proactively intervene and improve outcomes.

Actionable Analytics to Successfully Execute Complex Value-Based Payment Models

The VBP Analytics Suite empowers health plans and providers with the insights they need to execute intricate value-based payment arrangements. It delivers an end-to-end suite of easily configurable performance improvement analytics to effectively:



✔ Quality
✔ Utilization
✔ Unit cost
✔ Financial performance



✔ Drivers of poor quality
✔ Drivers of unnecessary cost/utilization



✔ Initiatives to improve quality and appropriateness of care



✔ Effectiveness of initiatives
✔ Progress over time

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