‘Hotspotting the Opioid Crisis’ Program Will Use AI and the SpectraMedix Platform to Identify Those At-Risk of Overdose

The program is an opportunity to reach out to people and change lives through new technology innovations.

Staten Island, NY — December 7, 2021 — Earlier this month, the Staten Island Performing Provider System (SI PPS) and partners announced a game-changing $4 million investment to combat the opioid crisis. The new public-private program–Hotspotting the Opioid Crisis–will help identify those at-risk of an opioid overdose before it happens. The program is funded by Northwell Health and a $3 million grant from the Secure Future Project.

The AI-based predictive analytics program, developed by SI PPS and the MIT Sloan School of Management, will pull data from providers and partners on Staten Island to identify who is at the highest risk of an overdose. The program will be enhanced by the analytics team of SI PPS partner SpectraMedix, a value-based care analytics solutions provider whose advanced, community-centered data solutions support the entire program.

“This program is an opportunity to address systemic problems like the opioid epidemic,” said Joseph Conte, Executive Director of SI PPS. “Having SpectraMedix, whose platform has been a cornerstone of SI PPS since we began, harmonize all of the data from disparate sources and then operationalize and recalibrate the predictive model is critical to the program’s success.”

Once individuals are identified using the algorithm, peer-led services will be delivered to where they are by dedicated clinicians and Certified Peer Recovery Advocates. The program will also integrate an innovative care reimbursement model for partners.

“The consequences of the opioid epidemic impact people from all walks of life,” said Raj Lakhanpal, MD, CEO of SpectraMedix. “In my days as an emergency physician, I saw firsthand the toll that opioid addiction and overdoses could take on people’s lives. It is an honor to take part in such an innovative and important program.”


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