Enable Provider Success in Value-Based Contract Arrangements

Empower Providers to Thrive

SpectraMedix delivers timely, actionable insights in a provider-friendly view to improve member health and enable provider success in value-based contracts. 


Build trust through performance transparency and actionable insights


Reduce friction by integrating with key systems to meet providers where they are


Engage and enable providers to manage and optimize value-based contract performance


Share key insights about who providers should focus to succeed in value-based contracts


Link quality, risk and utilization to financial performance in one simplified view

Six Strategies to Improve Provider Enablement for Value-Based Contract Success

 Help providers understand how they’re performing and what they need to do to meet their value-based goals so that they—and you—can be successful.

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Deliver the Right Information to Help Providers Do the Right Work

Help providers see what they’re doing well, where they’re leaving money on the table, what needs to be done, and how to improve.

  • Incentives—earned and unearned

  • Total quality score with measure-level detail including health equity

  • Risk scores including risk score loss potential, annual wellness visits, and chronic condition revalidation

  • Gaps in care and coding with consolidated chase lists

  • Cost and utilization benchmarks

  • Super user identification

  • 360° member summary



Financial Reconciliation

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VBP Analytics

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VBP Contract Modeler

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Provider Collaboration Portal

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Ready to Delve Deeper?

SpectraMedix is here to help you crawl, walk, or run toward your value-based payment goals. Contact us today to find out how we can help you more effectively manage and expand your value-based portfolio across all lines of business.