On Demand Advanced Analytics

In the Business Intelligence (BI) arena, there are a million ways to analyze data. Don't limit your analytics folks—let them go a little wild and do amazing things with the SpectraMedix VBP Self-Service Analytics solution. Here are just a few benefits.

Agile Analytics

Enable your data team to quickly create detailed statistical reports and graphs, and your analysts to perform forecasting and “what if” analyses. 

Patient-Level Detail

Access historical and concurrent clinical data and drill down into patient-level metrics to develop innovative solutions to your toughest problems.

Actionable Insights

Enjoy a powerful, enterprise-grade healthcare-specific data warehouse that delivers insights that impact outcomes and cost. Use your favorite BI visualization tool to traverse the breadth and depth of member data and uncover new performance improvement opportunities.

Key Features

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Big Data You Can Trust

VBP Self-Service Analytics and data reside in the Azure environment and use the latest technologies for you to securely access and analyze all of you structured and unstructured data in an enterprise-grade master data management (MDM) architecture.

Adaptable Visualization

All data, deep and broad, is available to your analysts based on role. Even better, VBP Self-Service Analytics adapts to work with the BI visualization application of your choice. 

Expansive Datasets

Swift transformation of structured and unstructured data means you have faster access to a broad span of interrelated data that you can translate into impactful intelligence.


Self-Service Analytics Backed by a Proven EMPI Solution

Analytics are only as good as the data used to create them. The SpectraMedix Enterprise Master Patient Index delivers more than 99% patient matching accuracy, laying the foundation for better identification of high utilizers, predictive modeling, and performance analysis.

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