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Embracing Value-Based Contracts - Five Keys to Success for Health Plans

Value-based contracting is a complicated process. Payers need tools that enable their contracting teams to standardize every...

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Value-Based Contract Modeling Automation for Providers

The process of modeling value-based contracts can be painstaking. Acquiring the insights needed to arrange contracts that...

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Four Best Practices for Payers to Consider When Contracting for Value-Based Care

Successful value-based care (VBC) contracts are driven by actionable data that informs both the payer and the provider. Payers...

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VBC Contracting: Challenges and Keys to Success for Health Plans

The number of value-based contracts across the healthcare industry is rapidly increasing, yet many health plans still struggle...

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Solving Value-Based Contract Modeling Riddles

Value-based care (VBC) changes the way payers and providers (ACOs, IPAs, etc.) contract with each other. The complexity of the...

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