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Developing Value-Based Payment contracts that advance quality and provide savings presents unfamiliar challenges. The SpectraMedix VBP Contract Modeler streamlines the value-based contracting process, providing a collaborative solution to design, evaluate, negotiate, and reconcile mutually beneficial risk-based contracts on behalf of health plans and ACOs, IPAs, and other providers.

Model Terms for Any Business Line

It models alternative financial and quality performance scoring methodologies, risk assumption options, and other contract terms for your commercial, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid business lines.

Empower Providers to Improve Performance

When integrated with the SpectraMedix VBP Performance Portal, it enables providers to identify patients with gaps in care, enact evidence-based interventions, and see the impact of the interventions on overall performance.

Tighten Payer-Provider Alignment

Supports tighter payer-provider alignment through transparency, providing a foundation for mutually-beneficial relationships that lowers costs, improves quality, and produces better outcomes.

How it Works

The SpectraMedix VBP Contract Modeler enables health plans and providers to model contract terms based on historic data to estimate pre-contract, concurrent, and post-contract performance.

CM Market Stats 1 - WITH MONITOR


Define contracts that meet the needs of all parties based on their level of VBP readiness and experience.


Evaluate performance during the VBP contract period to support contract renewal and continued quality and clinical performance.


Reconcile VBP contract quality and financial results at the conclusion of each performance period.

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Key Features

Flexible Market Definitions

For defining contract terms including line of business, product line, and geography.

User-Defined Contract Terms

Base your contracts on the terms that matter most, including alternative budget methodologies, stop-loss limits, shared savings-loss corridors, and quality scoring.

Custom Attribution Models

Build custom attribution models that combine both plurality-based algorithms and voluntary alignment.

Standard VBP Contract Templates

Test alternative contract terms to come up with an agreement to offer to a specific group or to use as a standard contract.

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