Identify cost savings and maximize revenue in your value-based arrangements using SpectraMedix value-based contract financial reconciliation.


Optimize Value-Based Contracts with Timely and Accurate Financial Reconciliation, Contract Settlement, and Budget Variance Analysis.

By bringing previously siloed data together, health plans and providers can save money and maximize revenue in their value-based contracts. Our financial reconciliation solution equips health plans and providers with actionable, timely performance updates to course correct on contracts as needed and ensure success at the end of the contract term.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

The SpectraMedix Platform delivers a tangible return on investment across key areas of your value-based payment program, achieved through heightened revenue and reduced costs.






User Personas

SpectraMedix Financial Reconciliation provides users across the value-based care enterprise with solutions to measure and monitor performance, and unearth insights, specific to their unique roles.


Chief Financial and Actuary Officers and Finance Teams

Track VBP portfolio financial performance.


VBP, Medical Economics, and Provider Network Teams

Track and manage VBP contracts and provider performance.


Value-Based Payment Analytics Team

Deliver financial, quality, risk, and utilization insights.



For health plans and providers, SpectraMedix Financial Reconciliation delivers needed benefits to successfully forecast, manage, reconcile, and settle contracts, ultimately ensuring greater financial clarity and operational excellence.

Aligned Objectives

Contract reconciliation as a source of truth for payers and providers allows for interoperability with the goal of reducing costs and excelling in risk arrangements.

Cash Reserve Forecasting

Timely reconciliation allows health systems
to appropriately budget, reserve cash, and forecast revenue/losses.

Efficient Payment Period

End of the term comparison to third party
payer reporting allows for appropriate payment with limited conflict.

Identify Underperforming Providers

Drill down to specific ACO, TIN, and provider levels to identify underperformance with a goal towards improving financial results on a monthly basis.

Identify Overperforming Providers

Drill down to specific ACO, TIN, and provider levels to identify underperformance with a goal towards replicating their success for future contracts.

Improve Clinical Opportunities

Clear financial representation of lost dollars from missed clinical opportunities at a provider level.

Resource Management

Allows health plans and providers to shift resources to struggling provider groups and identify ones close to meeting their goals who need a little push.

Performance Oversight

Enables users to easily compare and analyze up-to-date results on how providers and ACOs are performing against the terms of their value-based contracts.

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Discover the wide range of benefits and capabilities that make SpectraMedix value-based contract financial reconciliation so valuable to health plans and providers alike when it comes to optimizing results in their value-based arrangements.

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