Concurrently improve quality and reduce costs to drive provider engagement and financial success.


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Payers and providers succeed in value-based care when they are in alignment on what it takes to get to shared savings or upside payment. The SpectraMedix VBP Analytics Suite brings this alignment and transparency into focus.

Tailored to drive higher quality and improve financial performance, the VBP Analytics Suite delivers actionable financial, utilization, and quality analytics to guide decision-making and inform the development of value-based care arrangements. 


Aligned Objectives

It's easy to be on the same page when everyone has the same page. The analytics suite integrates provider performance with contractual objectives to keep everyone heading in the same direction. Graphic claims detail at the point of care shows providers their opportunity for shared savings.

Reduced Member Turnover

Care management teams or clinicians with access to claims detail can help keep referrals in-network to reduce member churn. Care teams can also monitor for duplicate or missing measures. This is especially true of plan members with chronic conditions who receive tests and meds from multiple specialists.

Higher Quality Care

Multiple chronic conditions result in fragmented care, duplicate testing, and overall higher cost of care. Help your PCPs identify duplication, care gaps, network leakage, and readmission risk, giving them the opportunity to intervene to improve quality and outcomes.

Provider Enablement

Deep experience and proven results in provider enablement—our solutions can solve the complex challenges associated with your population and providers, including arming your providers with tools to achieve their value-based payment goals.

Reduced Cost of Care

Addressing avoidable ER and inpatient utilization at the provider level improves measure results and outcomes. Payers and providers can work in concert to intervene before health conditions escalate into costly encounters. Shared savings are achievable across the entire value-based care network. 

Behavioral Health and SDoH 

Significant expertise in incorporating health equity within insights through historical solutions. Ability to customize solution in multiple ways to help payer or provider achieve health equity goals. Facilitate contracting, participant interactions, timely payouts, and improved performance against goal.


For health systems and health plans, the SpectraMedix VBP Analytics Suite delivers the structure, actionable analytics, and insights to create mutually beneficial value-based care arrangements.

Robust Data Integration

Structured and unstructured data, ADT feeds within 24 hours of an ED encounter, clinically-validated protocols. Integration of analytical insight at the point of care gives providers the information they need, when and where they need it.

Risk-Adjusted Scorecards

Providers receive a view of risk-adjusted performance based on their attributed population's health, demographics, and clinical and process measures. In near real-time providers see projected shared savings based on claims data.

User-Defined Access

Administrators, payers, and providers see performance based on their workflows. SpectraMedix allows users to see quality improvement, whether defined by care or cost. Providers' staff can access care gaps to develop chase lists of patients needing follow-up.

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