Forward-thinking capabilities that enable your providers to improve care and performance within value-based arrangement parameters.


The Most Concise View of Value-Based Payment Performance in the Industry

Enabling providers to adopt and see the benefits of their value-based arrangements is one of the biggest challenges in the move to value-based care.

The SpectraMedix VBP Provider Portal allows providers to understand and realize the value of improving care quality. It does this by delivering a unique set of integrated capabilities to remove data overload, easily track performance against value-based contract terms, optimize risk adjustment, summarize costs incurred, and evaluate quality, cost, utilization, and risk analytics in relation to one another.


Cost and Utilization Benchmarks

Analyze risk adjusted costs including average total cost and PMPM costs compared to cohort benchmarks. See inpatient, ED, and outpatient visits per 1000 members along with the readmission rate.

Total Cost Distribution 

Category-based distribution of treatment cost that has been incurred, along with the performance of the cohort for each category (e.g. inpatient, ED, pharmacy).

Wellness Visits Compliance

Access the percentage of patients who have had annual wellness visits, track gaps, and drill down to patients who haven’t had a wellness visit.

Chronic Conditions Revalidation

View the percentage of patients who had chronic conditions revalidated, and ensure members are appropriately and timely revalidated to capture full incentives.

Better Decision Making 

Better decision-making through financial, utilization, and quality analytics on the patient level tied to contract terms.

Provider Enablement

Empowers provider networks to take on more risk and potentially generate greater savings and revenue totals.


The VBP Provider Portal delivers to network providers a concise view of the key performance indicators that impact value-based contract performance, enabling them to effectively improve care and maximize incentives.

Improved Performance

Quickly analyze key value levers, including risk, cost, utilization, and network leakage, in relation to one another and against contract terms to get a complete picture of performance and impact quality of care within contract parameters.

Risk Optimization

Risk adjustment insights including average risk score, annual wellness visits compliance rate, and chronic conditions revalidation rate to optimize risk-adjustment during the performance year and capture full incentives.

Advanced Interventions

Actionable analytics delivered within provider workflows that empower providers to intervene to improve quality and cost based on identifying duplication, care gaps, network leakage, readmission risk, and other variables.

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