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Payers succeed in VBP when their providers are clear on what it will take to get to shared savings or upside payment. SpectraMedix VBP Performance Analytics brings this alignment and transparency into focus for both payer and provider.

VBP Performance Analytics is tailored to drive higher quality and improve financial performance during and beyond the transformation to value-based payments.


Robust Data

Structured and unstructured data, ADT feeds within 24 hours of an ED encounter, clinically-validated protocols.  Integration of analytical insight at the point of care gives providers the information they need, when and where they need it.

Risk-Adjusted Scorecards

Providers receive a view of risk-adjusted performance based on their attributed population's health, demographics, and clinical and process measures. In near real-time providers see projected shared savings based on claims data.


Administrators, payers, and providers see performance based on their workflows.  SpectraMedix allows users to see quality improvement, whether defined by care or cost. Providers' staff can access care gaps to develop chase lists of patients needing follow-up.



It's easy to be on the same page when everyone has the same page. The performance portal integrates provider performance with contractual objectives to keep everyone heading in the same direction. Graphic claims detail at the point of care shows providers their opportunity for shared savings. Physicians want cost detail to help members make informed decisions.  

Member Turnover

Care management teams or clinicians with access to claims detail can help keep referrals in-network to reduce member churn. Care teams can also monitor for duplicate or missing measures. This is especially true of plan members with chronic conditions who receive tests and meds from multiple specialists. 


Both payers and providers benefit from the information flow for cost, utilization, and outcomes. Each succeeding contract can build on prior performance to propel shared savings, improved population health, and provider satisfaction. This feedback loop informs payers on how to adjust contracts moving forward.

Discover VBP Performance


SpectraMedix VBP Performance Analytics is an out-of-the-box feature of our suite of VBP solutions.  Need specific views or user access? The portal is easily configured to your and your providers' needs. Make the most of your data with a performance portal that delivers actionable insight.