Take your Medicare Advantage Performance to the Next Level.

Your sustained success in Medicare Advantage depends on accurate RAF scores and a 4+ STAR rating. Here's how Medicare Advantage Accelerator can help you get there and stay there.

Optimize Your
RAF Scores

Streamline your entire risk adjustment and reporting process from RAF score optimization to RAPS/EDPS submission. Deploy advanced integration, machine learning, and and natural language processing to identify documentation gaps and chase lists for use by your providers. 





Improve Your
STAR Ratings

Leverage an advanced technology infrastructure architected to identify measure gaps that impact your STAR scores and helps your providers correct those gaps. Find out where your STAR ratings improvement "sweet spot" is and guide providers in the right direction.

Provide Real-Time
Provider Incentives

Deliver real-time payments to providers as they complete their chase list items for RAF accuracy and STAR ratings improvement. Show them the path to increased incentives opportunity based on their continued efforts. 

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Key Features

Chronic Condition Revalidation System

Identify chronic condition diagnoses via a base year (historical) that is absent from the current performance year. Address rising risk and fallen risk. Validate results and ensure accurate RAF scores are attained and maintained.

RAPS/EDPS Submission and Reconciliation

Enables retrospective and prospective risk adjustment. Ensures compliance with CMS standards. Provides a secure connection with CMS to exchange encounter data.

Gaps in Care Chase Lists

Electronically provide timely gaps in care chase lists to providers and Medical Record Review (MRR) entities to facilitate RAF optimization and STAR ratings improvement.

Financial Projections

Benefit to the customer for using your company, this could be a service or any other thing which results in improvement for the customer.

HEDIS and Non-HEDIS STAR Measures

We provide HEDIS-Certified and custom measures to give you the full measures support required to drive your Medicare Advantage performance arrangements.

FHIR Enabled
Interoperability Architecture

Our FHIR foundation enables interoperability both in data aggregation as well as integration with various workflow systems. We have bi-directional integration experience with care management systems and electronic health records.

Real-Time Incentives Engine

Helps you promote greater provider compliance with monthly incentives based on HCC coding gaps and STAR measure gap closures.

STARS Improvement Actionable Analytics

Benefit to the customer for using your company, this could be a service or any other thing which results in improvement for the customer.

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