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Maximize Value-Based Contract Negotiations, Performance, and Profits

Automate contract modeling. Improve performance against terms. Empower your provider network. Perform timely, accurate reconciliations. Your solution for success in value-based contracting has arrived.


At the forefront of Value-Based Contracting.

The SpectraMedix VBP Contract Navigator automates for risk-bearing entities—such as health systems, ACOs, and IDNs—the modeling, measuring, and reconciliation of complex value-based contracts.

Negotiate Confidently

Negotiate contracts strategically, using insights pulled from contract modeling scenarios and parameters.
Evaluate Impact

Evaluate the impact of value levers such as avoidable ED expense, preventable inpatient visits, and network leakage against contract terms.
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Maximize ROI

Develop a contracts that position your organization and its providers for a return on investment.

The Old Way:

  • Burdensome Excel spreadsheet

  • Long turnaround times

  • Low ROI

  • Unengaged or reluctant providers


The New Way:

  • Automated contract modeling

  • Data-driven performance management

  • Effective reconciliation

  • Demonstrate the benefits of taking on more risk.

Making an Impact

The SpectraMedix VBP Performance Suite has enabled our clients to save more than $150 million using provider engagement, contracting, and performance analytics capabilities for value-based care. Here are just a few of the results that have led to those savings:

62 green
Reduction in Preventable ED Visits
68 blue
Reduction in Preventable Hospitalizations
Increase in Suicide Risk Assessment of Children
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Value-based contracts are on the rise and terms are all over the place

To help risk-bearing entities succeed, we created the eBook “Value-Based Contracting: Challenges and Keys to Success for Risk-Bearing Entities" that:

  • Presents key questions that providers should answer as they adopt value-based contracts
  • Identifies the three key phases of contracting that require data-driven processes
  • Lays the foundation for creating arrangements that lower costs, improve quality, and produce better outcomes
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What's next for your Value-Based Care Journey?

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