Four VBP applications. One powerful solution.

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VBP Contract Navigator

The SpectraMedix VBP Contract Navigator provides a collaborative solution to:

  • Design, evaluate, negotiate, and reconcile VBP contracts with your ACOs, IPAs, and providers.
  • Measure provider performance under different risk models on a pre-contract, concurrent, and/or post-contract basis.
  • Model and implement alternative performance scoring methodologies, risk assumption options, and other contract terms across your commercial, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid business lines.

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VBP Performance Portal

The SpectraMedix Performance Portal is a comprehensive application that:

  • Arms payers and providers with a new level of insight and intelligence.
  • Facilitates proactive identification, intervention, and closure of key VBP indicators such as avoidable ER visits and inpatient utilization.
  • Aligns payers and providers so they work in concert to intervene before health conditions escalate into costly and potentially severe encounters.
  • Enables payers and providers to continuously monitor and understand their member population.

VBP Cohort Manager

Cohort Manager delivers a more efficient way to drive improved member health, better clinical outcomes, and a lower cost of care by:

  • Creating tight alignment between patient cohorts and cohort network or care team responsible for the entire group.
  • Exposing intervention opportunities
    and makes it easier to monitor, track, benchmark, and improve performance.
  • Improving care management effectiveness and optimizing staff and physical resource cost and care performance.
  • Standardizing intervention opportunities and bringing economies of scale to gap closure. It also simplifies the entire process.

VBP Self-Service Analytics

VBP Self-Service Analytics from SpectraMedix provides a secure subnet within the Azure Cloud hosting environment and enables customers to:

  • Interface with multiple datasets acquired from multiple sources and aggregated into a Master Data Management (MDM) environment via The SpectraMedix Platform.
  • Access patient-level data including demographics, clinical, and claims data.
  • Perform data analysis including intense data mining, and advanced data visualizations utilizing the analytics and BI application used by your organization.

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